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Plants of the Southwest

Gardening and reclamation with native dryland plants

About Us

We are a small local plant nursery and seed store based in both Santa Fe and Albuquerque NM.
We sell seeds, trees, shrubs, grasses, cacti & perennials that are native and desert-adapted.

In 1976, we started offering southwest native plants. They flourish here and we need their strengths.
Our stores in Albuquerque and Santa Fe have plants and seeds and folks to greet you.

We favor No-work or Low-work gardening and reclamation.
Since native plants thrive on their own once established we have time to enjoy them and see our surroundings as our larger family.
Trust nature.

We are no longer accepting mail or online orders

Please visit our stores to purchase seeds or plants. Our catalog shows the range of seeds available in store.

Tuesday – Saturday: OPEN 8 am – 4pm.
Sunday – Monday: CLOSED.

Tuesday – Saturday: OPEN 8:30 am – 5 pm.
Sunday – Monday: CLOSED.

See more updates in our contact page.